Dogs Care

Caring tips for your Puppies & Dogs.


a. Regular deworming and timely vaccination as per veterinarian’s advise is a must for good health and disease free life.

b. Deworming starts early in pet’s life (4 weeks of age) and should be given at a monthly interval till 6 months of age. After this, 2-3 months gap should be followed. A rotation in the medicine used is a must to avoid drug resistance.

c. Vaccination against the important infectious diseases should be strictly followed as these diseases are life threatening. Vaccination starts at the age of 4-6 weeks and delay in vaccination makes the pet vulnerable for the disease that may come through contaminated food, water, air, faeces or the company of a sick dog.

d. The pup should not be taken outdoor till the vaccination program is complete.

e. Ectoparasitic (Ticks, Fleas, Lice) control is very important to keep a pet healthy. These ectoparasites apart from deteriorating the physical health condition can transmit various diseases. Apart from pet, the environment should be freed from the ectoparasites.

f. Maintenance of proper hygiene is most important in keeping the pet healthy.

g. Daily brushing of dog with a suitable brush/comb to remove dead hair and keep hair coat shiny.

h. Occasional bath as per vet’s advice with a suitable dog shampoo to maintain skin hygiene and check skin infection.

i. Fortnightly/monthly cleaning of ears with a safe agent.

j. Nail clipping to avoid discomfort and risk of injury.

k. Dental cleaning with tooth brush, chews or food to avoid tooth decay.

l. Cleaning of anal gland to check foul smell and prevent infection.

m. A well balanced nutrition is to be given for proper growth of the pup and maintenance of adult dog.

n. The proper breeding age for dogs is 12-24 months depending on the breed type. Bitches come to heat twice in a year i.e. Feb-March and July-August.

o. Special care (feeding and management) should be followed during pregnancy and lactation to get healthy litter.

p. The pups to be separated from the mother only after 42 days.

q. Self-medication should be avoided as many of the drugs are contraindicated.

r. House training of pups should start soon after puppy adoption however specific training is recommended after 4 months of age.

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